Thursday, June 18, 2015

My friends who were also my students..

The classes started with Juan, who was from Spain. We had classes every weekend in The Reading Room. Juan has a considerably good level of mandarin. He is able to construct short sentences in Mandarin and it was encouraging to see foreigners now learning mandarin.
And then down the road, we have Andrea from Germany. Andrea is very committed in learning mandarin. She speaks good mandarin and takes good notes. Her chinese characters are surprisingly neat ! It is always great to converse with Andrea in mandarin.

Sometime ago, we had a group study for mandarin on Sundays in Fabio's place. Fabio, Ashish, Pablo, Joan and Arantxa came and we had classes regularly. Somehow, the class was in a limbo for quite sometime and we ended up shifting the timing of the class on Saturday before our Spanish class. This group of student is fun. They are fast learners. Wherever you are, dont stop learning mandarin, even just a bit everyday. 

This year we had a more systematic and established class ever since we had classes in Reading Room on Saturdays. There were new faces that eventually became friends : Michele, Rocio, Robert, Nolan, Ashish (who is the top student is back again!) and recently Patri, Ewan and Manveer has join in the class and had been very diligent! It is definitely an encouragement to see the student's good learning attitude.
That's Nolan writing in chinese

The teachers : Claire (China), Wen (Singapore) & Myself (Malaysia)
I like how we collaborate and support the classes in one way and  another in cases where we could not make it on a particular week, we back each other up. It is like a community, and in this learning group with a community spirit.  

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